Fast Food (2017)

FAST FOOD (2017): First Helping

“God is love,” “ὁ Θεὸς ἀγάπη ἐστίν,” is the supreme revelation of the New Testament. It is the most revolutionary truth ever to enter the human mind. The entire Christic reality is an expression of Divine Love. Since Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ, is the Incarnation of God, He can command with the ultimate authority of certain truth. Since He is God, He can only command love (agapé), love in imitation of Him, “love as I have loved you.” If the Jesus of history, the Jesus of the Gospels, totally rejects violence directed towards human beings it is because violence is absolutely incompatible with God who is love, with abiding in—with obeying and glorifying Him. Anyone inside or outside the Church that tells you anything in contradiction to this is either living in non-culpable ignorance for some reason or is lying for some reason. Violence has no place in God as revealed by Jesus. Violence has no place in the Jesus of the Gospels, in His way, in His truth and in His life. That’s not opinion. That’s fact!

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy