Fast Food (2016)

FAST FOOD (2016): First Helping

If Jesus did not reject any type of violence for any purpose, then we know nothing of Him.

Rev. John L. McKenzie, Catholic Biblical Scholar

There is no burden of proof laid upon those who proclaim, teach and struggle to live the Lamb of God's teaching of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies. The burden of proof rests solely on those who contend that Jesus taught an exception to this teaching, which morally permits Christians to participate in killing, enemies, even killing them en masse. Such a burden cannot be met via either the Gospels or reason.

There is no debate about what Jesus taught by word and deed on violence and enmity, and there is no place where Jesus teaches an exception to what He taught on these phenomena The only question for a pope, bishop, priest, minister or Christian is, “Do I choose to follow Jesus and His teaching?”

Most Christian leaders of all ranks in the Church have simply decided they do not choose to follow Jesus and His teaching on this matter, and have nurtured their Christian communities to follow their teaching instead of Jesus' teaching. And, most, not all, have abandoned all the tortuous and convoluted efforts to justify themselves by arguing on behalf of the absurdity that Jesus would not have followed Jesus, if He knew what they know or if He had to live in the sinful world they have to live in. Church leaders just say privately or publicly—usually privately, “I don't care who Jesus is, or what His authority is, or what He taught about violence and enmity, I will not follow Him. I shall not obey!”

So be attentive and be courageous. Do not let any wolf—whether he or she be pope, bishop, priest, minister or layperson—insert himself or herself into your Christian flock by putting on a sheep-costume and then pulling the wool over your eyes and over your heart, or over your community's eyes and your community's heart. Do not let the smallest untruth about the Nonviolent Jesus of the Gospel and His Way of Nonviolent Love of friends and enemies into your mind or heart or into your Christian community's mind or heart. Blow the whistle, gently but unequivocally, on every presentation of untruth about the teaching of Jesus on violence end enmity, regardless of the status of the wolf in sheep's clothing who is baa, baaing it.

Emmanuel Charles McCarthy